Solarman Storms esittelee dynamiittis-meditatiiviset soundtrackit illanistujaisiin ja yksinjumituksiin. House, Techno, Drum’n’Bass, Dub, Ambient – Solarwax Sessions on hyvissä livemiksattu kokoelma kiihtyviä flowtiloja.

Choose your mood: Starting with calm and meditative, gradually shifting towards more aggressive bangers, these sessions increase in intensity in somewhat ascending order.

Dub Things

Dub & Ambient. Calm, melodic meditative atmospheres for relaxed group settings. Great for amplifying creativity. Safe for any medication.


House & Techno sets for warming up party dimensions.

Casual wine drinking house set for easy chilling.

Starting fires. Get your kicks going with harder techno set.

Second hard techno set.


Improvised Drum’n’Bass explosive devices to move dat ass.

Good vibes Solarpower dancing set – free of dark emotions.

2nd edition of Good vibes Solarpower dancing set – still free of dark emotions.

Good aggression and strong energies flow through this D&B-set.

Want more?

Solarman Storms’ Mixcloud-channel has more than 70 hours of live sets to suit every occasion.


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